Who we are

Bele Group d.o.o. is a company that was founded in 2021, starting with the production of wet wipes. We were founded with the intention of becoming the number one Bosnian brand for the production of wet wipes. What makes Bele Group truly special and confirms its strong position in the market is the collective perception of it as a domestic brand. With dedicated work and investments, we strive to achieve better success and achieve the best possible results, in order to fulfill the needs of our customers. Our services cover the needs of the youngest to the oldest. Production is a challenge in itself, and creating a strong and lasting brand that also implies high product quality is an additional responsibility we have towards our customers and end consumers. Inspired by the consumer, we create high-quality products and services, making everyday life better and simpler. Challenging beginnings were an additional incentive for us to offer our customers a high-quality product. From the beginning, we intended to listen to customers and the market as the best guides. Each BELA product is designed to provide comfort and safety, which is ensured by the use of quality ingredients and materials. Most importantly, our products have proven to be as strong and efficient as they are safe and sustainable, and also affordable for every citizen.

Although we are a newly established company that is at the beginning of achieving its goals, within our production we currently offer 4 types of wet wipes, which we can safely say are of high quality. We are working on expanding our production. We create a special design of wet wipes with which we intend to remain special and unique. We continue to research and innovate to exceed our goals – and your expectations.